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How to Reset Clicker Garage Door Keypad?

Forgetting the code to your garage door keypad can be more than just a minor hiccup in your daily routine; it might also signal the need for a garage door keypad repair. Fortunately, resetting it is a simple process that ensures your garage remains secure and accessible.

This repair not only resolves the immediate issue but also maintains the long-term reliability of your access system. Here’s how you can tackle this task with ease, ensuring your garage door keypad is always in top condition.

Step-by-step guide on resetting the keypad

To reset your garage door keypad, locate and press the ‘Learn’ button on the opener, then enter a new code on the keypad within 30 seconds. Press ‘Enter’ to save the code. Test the new code to ensure it works, and replace the keypad’s batteries if necessary for optimal performance.

Finding the Learn Button

The ‘Learn’ button, essential for resetting a wired garage door keypad, is typically found on the garage door opener unit. This button may be concealed behind a panel or cover, often labeled and highlighted in a contrasting color for easy identification. Knowing where this button is located and how it functions is crucial for successfully resetting your wired garage door keypad.

Initiating Programming Mode

Pressing the ‘Learn’ button activates the opener’s programming mode. This mode is time-sensitive, usually allowing 30 seconds to enter a new code. The opener’s response, such as a blinking light or beep, signals that it’s ready to accept a new code. This alert is crucial for timing your actions correctly.

Setting the New Code

Choosing a new code should involve creating a sequence that’s both secure and easy to remember. When entering the new code on the keypad, ensure each digit is pressed firmly to register correctly. This step is the heart of the resetting process, as it defines the new access code to your garage.

Confirming the Code

After entering the new code, pressing ‘Enter’ or a similar confirmation button saves it into the system. Successful entry is usually confirmed by visual or auditory signals from the opener unit, such as blinking lights or clicking sounds, indicating the new code is registered and active.

Testing and Verifying

Testing the new code is a critical step to ensure the resetting process was successful. This not only confirms the functionality of the keypad but also reassures that the garage door opener responds correctly to the new code.

Securing the Keypad

After resetting, especially if you need to reset Craftsman garage door keypad without a code, it’s crucial to check the keypad’s physical security. Ensuring it’s well-attached and protected from the elements can prevent future malfunctions and security breaches, maintaining the integrity of your garage door system.

Battery Maintenance

Regularly checking and replacing the batteries in your keypad can prevent unexpected power loss and access issues. This maintenance step is often overlooked but is vital for reliable keypad operation.


Resetting the clicker garage door keypad is an essential skill for any homeowner, offering a simple yet effective way to manage garage access and security. By following these detailed steps and maintaining regular upkeep, you can ensure your garage door keypad remains functional and secure, providing peace of mind and convenience for your daily life.

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