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How to Fix Gap on One Side of Garage Door?

Notice an annoying gap on one side of your garage door? This common problem can lead to security concerns and energy inefficiencies. This article will explore various methods to fix this gap, ensuring your garage door closes evenly and securely.

Among these solutions, we’ll also discuss when to call the best garage door repairs Winnipeg for professional assistance. We cover all the necessary steps, from adjusting door stops to installing thresholds. Ready to close that gap? Let’s get started!

Ways to Fix Garage Door Gap on One Side of Garage Door

Dealing with a gap on one side of your garage door can be frustrating, but it’s a common issue that homeowners face.

Ways to Fix Garage Door Gap

This gap can compromise your garage’s security and insulation, but fortunately, several effective methods exist to resolve it. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you fix that gap and ensure your garage door closes perfectly.

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1. Check the Stops

The door stops are the vertical molding pieces on the sides of your garage door. They are crucial in ensuring a tight seal when the door is closed. Over time, these stops can shift or wear down, creating gaps.

By carefully inspecting and realigning or replacing the door stops you can often solve the problem of a side gap. This adjustment is usually straightforward and can be done with essential tools like a screwdriver and a level.

2. Look at the Tracks

Your garage door moves along tracks on either side. If these tracks are misaligned, bent, or damaged, it can cause the door to close unevenly, leading to gaps. Inspecting the tracks for any signs of wear or damage is essential.

If you find any, gently bending them back into place or replacing them might be necessary. Ensuring the tracks are correctly lubricated can help the door move smoothly and close more evenly.

3. Adjust Your Limit Switches

The limit switches on your garage door opener control how far the door opens and closes. If these switches aren’t correctly set, your garage door may not close fully, resulting in a gap.

Adjust Your Limit Switches

Adjusting these switches is a delicate process, as small changes can significantly impact how the door closes. Consult your garage door opener’s manual for guidance on how to make these adjustments. Typically, it involves turning a screw on the motor unit to change the door’s closing point.

4. Replace the Seal

The seal at the bottom of your garage door is crucial for preventing gaps. Over time, this seal can become worn or damaged, losing its effectiveness. Replacing the seal is a relatively simple task that can make a big difference.

You’ll need to measure your door and purchase the correct size and type of seal. After removing the old seal, clean the area thoroughly before installing the new one. This ensures a good fit and can significantly reduce or eliminate the gap at the bottom of the door.

5. Trim the Door to Fit

In some cases, especially in older homes where settling has occurred, the garage door may need to be trimmed to fit the opening better.

This is a more involved solution and should be done carefully to avoid damaging the door. Measure the gap and mark the door where it needs to be trimmed. Carefully trim the door using a saw, ensuring you maintain its structural integrity. This solution is best for wooden doors; metal doors might require professional adjustment.

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6. Add More Concrete to the Floor

An uneven garage floor can create a gap under the door. Adding more concrete to level the floor can be an effective solution.

Add More Concrete to the Floor

This involves applying a concrete patch to the lower areas of the garage floor to create a level surface. Once the concrete is dry, check if the door closes properly. This solution requires some DIY skills, as working with concrete can be tricky.

Follow the instructions on the concrete mix and allow adequate drying time for the best results.

7. Install a Garage Door Threshold

A garage door threshold is an additional seal you can install on the garage floor. It’s a strip of rubber or vinyl that lies directly under the door when closed. A threshold can provide an extra barrier against gaps, especially with a new door seal. The installation involves cleaning the area, measuring and cutting the threshold to fit, and then adhering it to the floor using a strong adhesive. This solution is particularly effective against wind, rain, and pests.


Fixing a gap in your garage door is critical for home security and energy savings. Whether it’s adjusting door stops or tracks or more complex fixes like trimming the door, finding the right solution might require some trial. If unsure, seek professional advice. A well-sealed garage door is vital for both safety and efficiency.

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