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How to Replace Seal on Bottom of Garage Door?

Have you ever noticed water or drafts sneaking in under your garage door? It’s likely a sign your bottom seal needs replacing. Before diving into the DIY steps, it’s wise to check out Garage door repairs Winnipeg prices for a comparison between doing it yourself and professional service. This article is your go-to guide for an effective solution.

You’ll learn step-by-step how to choose the proper seal, remove the old one, and install a new one quickly. Plus, we’ll cover some handy tools to make the job smoother. Let’s get to it and seal the deal on your garage door repair!

Method to Replace the Garage Door Bottom Seal

Replacing your garage door bottom seal is a simple yet crucial task. It’s essential for keeping out drafts, water, and dirt, ensuring your garage stays dry and comfortable.

Replace the Garage Door Bottom Seal

Over time, these seals wear out and need replacing to maintain your garage’s protection. The process involves selecting the proper seal for your door, removing the old one, preparing the area, installing the new seal, and trimming excess material.

This maintenance step is critical to enhancing your garage’s efficiency and protection against the elements.

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1. Start with the Correct Seal

Choosing the proper seal for your garage door is the key to a successful replacement. Garage doors vary in style and size, and so do their seals.

Take precise measurements of your door and observe the shape of the track. With this information, visit a hardware store and pick a seal that perfectly fits your door’s specifications.

A well-matched seal ensures both efficiency in blocking drafts and water and ease of installation.

2. Remove the Existing Seal

The next step is to remove the old, worn-out seal. Open your garage door completely to ease tension on the seal. If it’s attached to screws or nails, gently remove them using a screwdriver or claw hammer.

Seals slotted into a track usually come out with a firm, steady pull. Be cautious during this process to avoid damaging the door or track.

3. Get Everything Ready for Installation

Cleaning the area thoroughly before you place the new seal is essential. This ensures better adhesion and a perfect fit.

Get Everything Ready for Installation

Inspect the track for any damage or obstructions. If your new seal requires adhesive, prepare it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Place the New Seal

Now, it’s time to install your new seal. Begin at one end of the door and gradually proceed to the other, pressing the seal into place.

If it’s a track-type seal, ensure it is fully seated on the track. Apply the glue evenly for adhesive-type seals and allow it to set as directed.

5. Trim the Excess

After installing the seal, you might need to trim any extra material for a neat finish. Use a sharp utility knife for a clean, precise cut. Ensure the seal is even and does not obstruct the door’s movement.

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Tools for a Garage Door Seal Replacement

Having the right tools makes the seal replacement process efficient. You will need:

  • A measuring tape for accurate measurements.
  • A screwdriver or claw hammer for removing the old seal.
  • A utility knife for trimming excess material.
  • Cleaning supplies to prepare the installation area.
  • Adhesive, if the seal requires it.

These tools will help you accomplish the task with ease and precision.


Replacing the bottom seal of your garage door is a practical way to enhance your garage’s protection against weather and external elements. With the proper seal, some essential tools, and patience, you can successfully perform this task as a DIY project. A new, properly installed door seal will keep your garage cleaner, drier, and more comfortable.

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